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Ecology and Environment by P.D. Sharma: A Free Ebook for Students of Environmental Science

If you are looking for a comprehensive and accessible guide to the study of nature, you should check out Ecology and Environment by P.D. Sharma. This ebook is available for free download and covers all the essential topics of ecology and environment in a clear and concise manner.


Ecology and Environment by P.D. Sharma is a popular textbook that has been used by students and teachers of environmental science for over two decades. It has been updated and revised to include the latest developments and research in the field of ecology and environment.

Some of the topics covered in this ebook are:

  • Climatic and topographic factors

  • Edaphic factors (soil science)

  • Biotic factor

  • Ecological adaptations

  • Autecology of species

  • Population - structure and dynamics

  • Community - structure and classification

  • Community dynamics (ecological succession)

  • Ecosystem: structure and function

  • Habitat ecology

  • Degradation of natural resources and the environmental problems