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Maria Bellonci's Lucrezia Borgia: A Fascinating Biography of the Most Famous Woman of the Renaissance [PDF]

Maria Bellonci's Lucrezia Borgia: A Fascinating Biography of the Most Famous Woman of the Renaissance [PDF]

Lucrezia Borgia is one of the most notorious and intriguing figures in history. She was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI, the sister of Cesare Borgia, and the wife of three different men. She was accused of incest, adultery, murder, and witchcraft. She was also a patron of arts, a political leader, and a devoted mother. How much of her reputation is true and how much is legend?

maria bellonci lucrezia borgia pdf

Maria Bellonci's Lucrezia Borgia is a comprehensive and captivating biography of this remarkable woman. Based on extensive research and historical sources, Bellonci paints a vivid portrait of Lucrezia's life and times, from her birth in 1480 to her death in 1519. She explores Lucrezia's relationships with her family, her husbands, her lovers, and her enemies. She reveals Lucrezia's personality, ambitions, achievements, and struggles. She also examines the cultural and political context of the Renaissance Italy, where Lucrezia played a significant role.

Who is Maria Bellonci?

Maria Bellonci was an Italian writer and historian who was born in 1902 and died in 1986. She was one of the founders of the prestigious Strega Prize for literature. She wrote several books on historical topics, such as the Medici family, Catherine de' Medici, and the Roman Republic. She also wrote novels and essays. She was awarded the Premio Campiello for her lifetime achievements in 1985.

Maria Bellonci's Lucrezia Borgia was first published in 1939 and was an instant success. It was translated into several languages and adapted into a movie in 1953. It is considered one of the best biographies of Lucrezia Borgia ever written.

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